Online Marketing Specialist

This position requires, high level of organizational skills, multitasking abilities and both verbal
and written communication skills. The person applying for this position must be able to
prioritize a multitude of tasks, manage a large number of business partners and have excellent
negotiation skills. The position requires the candidate to have analytical skills, attention to a
large number of details in dynamic situations and ability to analyze and interpret large amount
of numerical data on a daily basis. The person must also be able to communicate effectively
with tech team and must be tech savvy themselves.

This is a key position that keeps tab on all aspects of the business.

What we need?

Management of advertising campaign:

  • Campaign optimization: Optimizing the display creative, campaign copy, the landing pages,
    email creative etc. in order to increase the effectiveness of the and evaluate whether the
    changes translate into improved user engagement, client satisfaction and ultimately revenue.
  • Optimizing the placement of the offers to maximize the quality of traffic in terms of targeting
    the demographics as required by the advertisers.
  • Data analysis and evaluation: Prepare and analyze daily report to determine the gross profit
    for individual publisher to make sure that the traffic purchases are optimized.
  • Analyze the cause and effect between the events of the day and how they reflect on the data
    such as daily revenue, traffic volume and interpret the data in terms of user experience and
    ultimately client satisfaction.

Management of strategic partnerships:

  • Build long term partnerships with advertisers and media partners by understanding the
    client requirements and striking grounds of mutual benefits with media partners by consistent
    communication and building mutual trust.
  • Represent the company in conferences and summits, forge new connections, strengthen
    existing partnerships and build the network of business partners.

Media buying:

Continuous research of the online advertising and marketing space on the internet to discover
new opportunities for media acquisition and opportunities for better placement of the website
to ensure continual growth of the company

Monitoring and trouble shooting:

Monitor the user feedback as well as the functioning of the websites, bring the technical issues
to the attention of the tech team and ensure optimum user experience on a daily basis.
Manage multiple online campaigns on a day to day basis. This includes campaign optimization
and analysis.

Deliver quality traffic to the campaigns based on the target demographics that are required by
the advertisers/clients.

Manage, prepare and analyze reports of the daily and monthly revenue, spend and profit
margin that are growing monthly.

Make decisions to modifications to the internal web properties as requested, including landing
pages, email design changes, copy changes and other enhancements as requested.

Continually monitor, track, evaluate and report web marketing results and strategize on ways to
improve them.

Implement and streamline analysis of site traffic, performance and effectiveness in relation to
advertising campaigns.

Build long-term partnership with both advertisers (media vendors/suppliers) and publishers
(media sales companies).

Reach out to new companies, partners, advertisers and publishers for any new opportunity for
the growth of the company.

Online Marketing Specialist Application