What qualities distinguish Engage IQ?

The scarcest resource in the world is not money, ideas, or technology. Instead, it is a group of people who share a common cause and vision of what they would like to contribute to the world along with an attitude of “to get things done together”. Once this critical element is in place, there is no technology that cannot be conceived and developed, no problem that evades a solution, no resource that cannot be gained, and certainly no limit on what we can build and achieve together. The success we are experiencing can be attributed directly to the people who comprise Engage IQ. Since we are focused on a common call to action, we treat our employees with the respect they deserve and provide them with the environment and tools that help them secure their future.

Project Manager

Is This You?

Are you a motivated project manager? Do you want to be part of an innovative company that is changing the way online advertising works? A company culture that supports unlocking our clients’ and employees’ dreams? A collaborative team that is results oriented and focused on helping our clients be successful? A place where work is a fun and supportive environment? More Information

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Engage IQ is an online advertising and marketing company. We are rapidly growing and looking for the right candidate who can keep up with the pace of the company. Our accounting person is responsible for timely invoicing our clients, maintain end to end follow up to make sure all accounts are current, so that the cash flow is managed well. We are also responsible towards all our payments to our vendors and the accounting manager will ensure the billing and timely payments of invoices. We are a very technology oriented company and the ability to learn new software tools quickly is a must. Having excellent written communication skills is also crucial. You will be checking the accuracy of large amount of data processed daily, so you will need to be proficient using excel. More Information

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Sales Account Executive

Wanted: Experienced, Motivated, Self-Starting, Sales Account Executive!

Engage IQ: We are an innovative internet marketing company in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our global team of tech driven entrepreneurs and marketer’s deliver ambitious amounts of online leads to hundreds of companies every year. We need a sales guru to join our family and become a pivotal part of our business as we continue to grow year by year. More Information

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Searching for the “Perfect Intern”

Engage IQ is a marketing agency located out of Santa Clara, California that provides services to their clients in all parts of marketing with a focus on optimizing clients online marketing efforts through the use of the latest technologies and advertising know-how. 
Billing over millions of dollars in business per year, while helping our clients make even more. Engage IQ is there to help them every step of the way. Engage IQ has the talent and the staff to help with all marketing and advertising projects that our clients need. More Information

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Marketing Specialist

Searching for the “Marketing Specialist”

Engage IQ is looking for an experienced marketing specialist.
This position requires, high level of organizational skills, multitasking abilities and both verbal and written communication skills. The person applying for this position must be able to prioritize a multitude of tasks, manage a large number of business partners and have excellent negotiation skills. The position requires the candidate to have analytical skills, attention to a large number of details in dynamic situations and ability to analyze and interpret large amount of numerical data on a daily basis. The person must also be able to communicate effectively with tech team and must be tech savvy themselves. More Information

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