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Engage IQ has been producing results for our corporate partners since 2005. We’re located in the heart of Silicon Valley — the technology mecca of California and the world. We live and breathe both successful online marketing and the challenge of making our partners and users very happy! We are a growing company of professionals with exceptional team members in the U.S., India, and The Philippines.

Our U.S. team


Dell Grewal


Dell Grewal is our CEO (but he doesn’t act like a big cheese!). Dell is from San Jose, and earned his B.S. in Psychology from San Jose State University. He has been in the Lead Generation Industry for more than 15 years. With Dell at the helm, his company produced over 50 million confirmed leads. He has been with us for the last ten years. Among his other duties, Dell is in charge of our advertising program and also helps our clients develop technology-based solutions. Since 2005, Dell has been using advertising and technology to build and grow Engage IQ into one of the foremost companies in online marketing. He is also known for his adherence to healthy eating habits, and his passion for reading. Dell believes that a good book promotes broader perspectives and fuels the imagination.

Delicia Wijaya

Delicia Wijaya

Marketing Specialist

Delicia Wijaya is our marketing specialist. She’s from Jakarta, Indonesia and has a B.S. in Advertising from San Jose State University. Her previous job was with the Unity Care Group, where she worked as a Marketing intern. She’s a sharp business negotiator, and passionate about affiliate marketing. Delicia is very proficient in e-commerce strategies, including PPC, display, email and target audience recognition, and pay-for-performance marketing. She helps us track and report web marketing results and brainstorm ways to improve them. She has an auxiliary interest in global communications, and creative advertising, and has an extensive background in assisting students with learning disabilities. Although Delicia is a very competent professional with unlimited energy, she is best known for being a good friend. Delicia has a perky sense of humor, and quips in her linked-in profile that she is a marketing specialist only because “Full Time Multitasking Ninja” is not a real job title!

Janhavi Paranjape

Janhavi Paranjape

Accounting Manager

Janhavi Paranjape, our Accounting Manager is from Pune, India. Janhavi studied Accounting from De Anza College, Cupertino, CA. Janhavi also has a graduate degree in Physics. Of course, we know Jan as the person who manages all the accounting functions of the business with great attention to detail. Other than her principal role of accounting, she wears multiple hats: she is our event planner, offers customer service to some of EngageIQ clients and acts as an assistant to our CEO. She takes pride in her work and is an efficient multitasker. She is addicted to reading and loves growing flowers in her house. She also loves cooking and baking cakes which works well for EngageIQ team.

Angela Pan

Angela Pan

Software Engineer

Angela Pan is our Software Engineer. She is from Beijing, China, and has an M.S in Information Systems and Operations Management. Her previous experience includes a position as a web designer for “Keep Alachua County Beautiful Inc.” Angela has earned Microsoft Certification and is also certified in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. She helps design test, and develop software to meet the needs of our company. She solves software problems and identifies necessary changes in the system. She also helps ensure that our security system is up-to-date and maintained, and provides employees and customers with technical support. Angela helps maintain each department’s computers and makes suggestions about needed improvements and upgrades. Angela is known for being the “fastest offer writer” at Engage IQ. She always dresses beautifully, makes our coffee, and never leaves bugs in the codes. Angela is very quiet, but she is passionate about her work, and a great asset to our team.

Darrell Featured Image

Darrell Hunter

Strategic Partnership

Darrell Hunter is part of our strategic partnership team. He’s a Santa Clara resident and studied psychology, business and real estate at San Jose State. After college, he obtained certifications in sales and marketing. Darrell has an entrepreneurial mind-set. His skills have been honed with extensive hands on experience, wearing a number of different hats in a variety of marketing and sales positions. Prior to joining our firm, Darrell closed over 3,000 real estate and mortgage transactions, totaling more than $55,000,000 in sales. Darrell is very conscientious and is motivated to overcome challenges. He likes people and is a good listener. He is best known for his creative spark and his aim (his paper airplanes always hit the trash can!). He is kind, helpful and never judgmental. Darrell has strong family values and is health-oriented. He values his friendships, some of which he has maintained for more than 40 years.


Growing: Our company continues to add sales and software professionals to our team.

Engage IQ also has many team members around
the globe in finance, technology and graphic design.

If you’re ready to take your company’s success to the next level, then we encourage you to contact us today.


“EngageIQ [has been] great to work with. From day one they knew what my company needed. They understood the problem we faced and proposed a solution. I knew that they had our success in mind. I would recommend EngageIQ to anyone looking for passionate and creative problem-solvers. Thanks EngageIQ!”

Chase Murdock, Opinionology

“EngageIQ has been integral to the success of our client’s online marketing and acquisition strategy, resulting in significant growth.

Dana Carmel, Media Buyer for MarketTools, Inc. & Zoom Panel

“If you are after quality then EngageIQ is the recruitment partner for you. EngageIQ has been driving traffic for My Survey for over 2 years and we have always valued the quality of their traffic and the quick turnarounds on launching campaigns. If only all recruitment partners were this easy to work with.

Michael Xia, Lighspeed Research

EngageIQ has been an invaluable partner of ours for a number of years. Along with receiving high quality traffic, EngageIQ works with us to make sure we are getting the most out of our campaigns. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

Matt Sokal, Quality Health

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