Q: What is the heart and science of online marketing?

A. At Engage IQ, we recognize that to get and keep a person engaged in a survey or an offer it needs to touch the emotions. Whether we are using surveys and promotions with humor, surprise, mystery or intrigue, our aim is to engage the human being. When we blend mind and emotions with our advanced scientific technologies, it is then that the desired results for our partners, publishers and advertisers show up best.

Q: Please explain how Engage IQ will gain for us high quality panelists/users for our surveys and offers?

A. Everyone talks about “quality” and so do we, but we go even further. Since Engage IQ has been around as long or longer than any other company in this space, we know how to get quality panelists and clients. We can reach young males, Hispanics, African-Americans, diabetics, Canadians and most likely, any other group that you want. How? By using scientific algorithms along with engaging content, all geared toward the group(s) you desire. Try us and we’ll show you.

Q: What is Engage IQ’s role in online advertising?

A. Engage IQ recruits panelists for the top market research companies. Engage IQ is also the single point of contact for publishers and advertisers. We streamline, optimize and simplify your work life. We do this by giving publishers access to a wide variety of advertising campaigns while also giving advertisers access to many leading publishers without the hassle of doing any recruiting or maintaining.

Q: What’s Affiliate Management / CPA?

A. Engage IQ has a team of dedicated specialists who manage our affiliates (publishers) and your campaign. CPA (Cost Per Action) means that you’re only paying when the individual you desire has taken the action you want them to take (and that’s a very good thing)! You’re only paying for results.

Q: What’s the first step to work with Engage IQ?

A. Call or email us today. Let’s determine if we can accept you as a client and if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll discuss your goals, answer your questions, and explain how Engage IQ will make your company even more successful.

Q: How do you track campaigns?

A. We use the number one (1) tracking software on the market. It’s called CAKE. CAKE is an independent, 3rd party system that specializes in online tracking. link checker We provide real time revenue reporting without any end of the month post-scrubs. This means reliability and trustworthiness in revenue reporting.

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